Atsu's Physicians Assistant Case Study

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I believe that a successful Physicians Assistant exhibits compassion, innovation, and enthusiasm – compassion, to better provide assistance to those in underserved populations; innovation, to tirelessly develop and demonstrate new methods of healing; and enthusiasm, to continue contributing to the health and well-being of those they encounter. ATSU’s program instills each of these core characteristics in its healthcare professionals. Dozens of PA programs claim that great Physicians Assistants do more than treat a patient, but ATSU is the only school that both appreciates and reflects this statement in its coursework. Indeed, “healing is more than treatment of a medical diagnosis,” and the medical field increasingly reduces patients to a diagnosis on a clipboard. In treating static conditions, we fail to understand dynamic patients – individuals with nuances and complexities that make them unique. With the guidance of ATSU and its dedication to whole person healthcare, though, I intend to…show more content…
With clinical rotations in many subspecialties, and a warm and helpful staff to guide them, ATSU’s Physicians Assistants are not limited to primary care. Instead, they are allowed the opportunity to benefit from the flexibility and mobility inherent in medical care. They are allowed to challenge themselves with a breadth of experiences, and are more prepared for success outside of the classroom. When I began researching Physicians Assistants programs, I put together a list of values on which I could not compromise. These values include a commitment to creating a well-rounded practitioner, a curriculum with broad exposure to multiple disciplines, and a program that inspires activity-based learning. I am confident that ATSU’s Physician Assistant program not only meets each of these requirements, but far exceeds

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