Billy Joel Accomplishments

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The drums finish with a bang as Billy Joel ends yet another concert to be remembered forever. This piano playing master has changed the genre of rock and roll to this day. Billy Joel’s career began as a teenager with three different bands that followed with a number of awards and achievements as a solo artist all of which have given a successful career in the music industry that continues today. The spark of music interest began as a young boy for Billy Joel being influenced by his parents. Billy’s parents got introduced to each other when Billy’s mom was in a play at the college city of New York. His father was a classical piano player (Smith, 2014). Before getting an interest in rock ‘n’ roll and early soul, Billy Joel had an interest in…show more content…
Piano man will always be known as Billy Joel’s first big hit. Billy Joel’s big break started when “The Entertainer”, one of Billy Joel’s signals, showed up on the charts. His next LP, “Streetlight Serenade”, released in October, in 1974, and “Piano Man” were all recognized (Stambler, 1989). After returning to New York in 1975, Billy began recording a song dedicated to New York. Because he felt blasé about the producer, he fired him and started working on the song himself. The album, Turnstiles, holds a song that still remains a fan favorite today, “New York State of Mind.” Making stops in places including the US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, Billy toured with Elton “Rocket Man” John in the summer of 1994. on October 20, 2001, Billy Joel escorted other music stars as they led on a concert for those who had survived through the tragedy of 9/11 (Schlesinger, 2008). Piano masters, Billy Joel and Elton John filled the seats at the stadium in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park in 2009, and as well as in Veterans Stadium in July, 1994. He also performed in New York, at Madison Square Garden, October 2, November 25, and December 18 (Smith,

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