Di-L-Methionine Case Study

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The amino acid DL-Methionine, with the brand name "Volzhsky Orgsynthese " is in Iran The amino acid DL-Methionine is in Iran for the first time. DL-Methionine with the brand name “Volzhsky Orgsynthese” is an essential and growth limiting amino acid in livestock, poultry, and aquatics. Importing this high-quality amino acid will have a significant role in feeding improvement of livestock, poultry, and aquatics. According to the Jivanik Roshd Public Relations, reported by reliable sources of Veterinary, this product is the first essential amino acid in animal nutrition, poultry, and aquatics. Reported by ITPNEWS , Amin Nemati, the CEO of Jivanik Roshd Company known as Zhivanik trade mark in the market, presented a report on the capacity of poultry…show more content…
He also acknowledged: Jivanik Roshd has been entrusted with the exclusive sale of Volzhsky Orgsynthese Di-L-Methionine in Iran. Volzhsky Orgsynthese Di-L- Methionine, known in Europe market In this regard, Amin Neamati, on the sidelines of the launch of Volzhsky Orgsynthese Di-L-Methionine said: so far, we had missed this high quality product and european standards in the country domestic market that by Jivanik Roshd import this lack was reolved. He added: Volzhsky Orgsynthese supplied Di-L-Methionine in the market with at least 99% purity, 100% bioavailability, and packaging in packages of three-layer and five-year warranty from the production date. Emphasizing that using this brand in diets is economic for consumers, he affirmed: excess demand for a brand in the market was always supplied with low quality products that now Volzhsky Orgsynthese will be a good substitute for them. He highlighted that Volzhsky Orgsynthese Company, one of the largest suppliers of Russian market with its 60% Methionine market share of that country, is regarded as one of the most acclaimed providers of Methionine in Europe market, especially…show more content…
In 1995, this Russian experienced company changed from state ownership to private ownership through foreign investment and currently has captured a large share of Russian market and is one of the few companies Europe use this Methionine along with other prestigious European brands. Welding Company of German is among the famous distributor companies of this

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