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The School of Rock, which was directed by Richard Linklater, had a main character named Dewey Finn. The movie tells us how Dewey undergoes many changes, but he is not the only one. A class full of polite children also go through many changes. This is because Dewey is assigned as a substitute teacher. These changes are shown to us by lighting, sound, camera angles and camera shots which are used in the five key scenes. These things will highlight the various transformations of Dewey. The same sort of transformation is gone through by the children in the class as well. In the opening scene Dewey Finn is portrayed on arrogant, self-obsessed, ‘loser’, who is trying too hard to get everybody’s attention. This is clearly shown by the way other…show more content…
Dewey is very unprofessional and he is only there to get money. The class are used to being controlled and they do not know how to respond to Dewey. The class is very calm and controlled and the whole class seems happy as the principal walks in. They move quickly to their own desks and listen up. The tables are separated to show the school doesn’t want the children to go wild. To show this, there is a wide shot of the whole class. Dewey comes in and tries to look like a teacher while the principal is there, and when the principal exits the classroom he sits down and he puts his legs up, this is shown with a mid-shot of him and the…show more content…
Dewey is a lot less selfish and points his mind towards other people, which are the children. Also in this scene Zac has been working on a song, and Dewey hears him practising and Dewey wants the band to learn it. To show that Zac has come up with a great song, the lighting is produced from the back of him, showing he is special. Dewey gets distracted quickly by Zac’s song, but he is letting Zac explain the song and he is letting him be the lead singer, making Dewey less selfish. There is a slight over view of the whole band showing that everyone is working together and building a special relationship with each

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