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1. Introduction Amici restaurant, a well-known place for Italian fine dining is located on Broadway in the heart of downtown of Winnipeg city since 1986. Amici was started by Heinz and Johanna Kattenfeld, since than it is famous for its consistent food and customer value. Present owner Brian McKnight with Executive Chef Patrick Shrupka and Chef Todd Bjornson have had been trained under Heinz. Amici has been garnering national acclaim for its Tuscan-influenced Italian fine dining since 1986.1 I with couple of my friends visited this place in mid-October, 2014 as a part of the assignment to write a business profile based on observational and strategic research. Amici serves classic Tuscan influenced Italian dishes with wide varieties of daily…show more content…
Canadian restaurant industry has a very significant share of 3.6% in nations GDP, which is supposed to increase as the economic stats are improving.2 Fine dining restaurants have seen downfall in past years and customers have moved to more casual dining but according to restaurant central website news, “...Fine dining restaurants will be popular as they serve individuality, creativity and quality of food.” Dealing with all up-downs, change in customer preferences, strong and new competitors’ Amici is still giving a good fight in the market of the fine Italian dining. 3. Life cycle and Growth opportunities A study conducted by restaurant brokers concludes that up to 90 percent of private restaurants close during the first year of operation, and the remaining restaurants will have an average life span of 5 years.3 By seeing the present customer flow and customer service quality amici falls in the maturity or the saturation phase of the life cycle in the 28th year of its operation. Amici has a huge potential and area of growth in the market place where constantly new competitors are trying to show their skills. The experienced and qualified staff in kitchen and front house which can make the restaurant a hit in town with some changes in menu and décor. The classics are people’s choice but introducing new gastro-modern Italian dishes can be the crowd…show more content…
For Amici this threat can be considered in two ways. First as the other fine dining adventures provide similar food and service so they would not mind to go at other place until Amici has something unique. On other hand the customers who are less focused with hospitality and overall dining experience will be drawn to the fast casual dining Italian restaurant. So, threat of substitute is high which keeps amici staffs and servers to maintain food quality and service so that they can keep up in this

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