College Admissions Essay: Learning How To Drive

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When I began to learn how to drive, I was reluctant to step behind the wheel. Despite excelling along with my classmates on the drives done by Swerve, my driving school, I was still nervous about driving with other drivers on the road. However, over time I overcame this aversion and began to feel more confident in my abilities as I gained more experience. Before too long, the state-administered drivers test was coming up, and, though apprehensive, felt confident that I could demonstrate how much I had learned. I could parallel park like the professionals, but backing around the corner wasn’t my strong suit, so my mom and I spent some time backing around corners in our neighborhood as preparation for the test. Almost too quickly, it was test day. Despite being nervous, I introduced myself to the proctor, Mrs. Howard,…show more content…
Once I returned home, I slouched down in the front room so I did not have to interact with my parents or my sister for a while. As I lay there on the floor, I reflected. Ever since elementary school, I have excelled at all aspects of school from making friends, to getting to know teachers, and, most visibly, getting stunning grades. Failure was about as real to me as a mythical monster; I felt its threat, but never its reality. I had consistently excelled and helped other people out so they expected me to never falter. Before, I had only seen other people fail – it had always been them, not me… until now. After letting my shame dissipate somewhat, I began to think clearly again. I started putting my situation in context. Yes, this was a new experience for me to know that I had utterly failed where others had handily succeeded. Yes, I was ashamed, embarrassed, and frustrated with myself. However, I recognized that this event is not the end of me. Slowly, I began to calm down, realized what a mess I had just dissolved into, and looked for what I can learn from

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