Descriptive Essay About Corozal Town

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“It sure can get windy here sometimes!” a gentleman walking his dog shouts at me while clenching a straw hat as I bike past him. Admittedly, tropical weather is evanescent, though invariably beautiful: Windy or rainy in flares from time to time, as a baby who fluctuates in a flash from placid to tantrum. The warm, tropical weather is my rationale not to own a car in Belize, though, a decision I’ve never regretted. The regular exercise I get living in Corozal—combined with my diet of fresh, local foods and the oxygen-loaded breeze, have forged an improved, healthier me… I’m now in better shape than I was even in my younger years. With an annual mean temperature of 79°F and comforting sea breezes year-round, sunny Belize is earthly paradise, and countless expats like me call this lovely country our home.…show more content…
Here dwells a dreamy, quintessentially Caribbean way of life where the ocean's whisper lulls you to sleep and the tropical birds wake you at dawn. Located in northern Belize, the town and surrounding villages feature all the country’s wonderful qualities, but at unrivaled low prices. Plus, the area’s proximity to Chetumal in southern Mexico allows for easy access to U.S.-style shopping with all its amenities and conveniences. This actually may be one of the primary reasons many expats choose Northern Belize, at all. This fledgling country, which only recently achieved independence, lacks sophisticated services and infrastructure—as well as bureaucracy and clout—so being able to drive to a department store or Costco is a real boon for

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