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The process of moving from one country to the other was not just about learning an entire new culture and language. This process was much larger for me; it included growing up faster in the absence of my mom to take care of the house. Two months before my family arrived to the United States, my mom left first in order to find a house near her job and for us to stay. Her intentions were only the best for us. The only inconvenience was that, since my dad used to work all day, I had to leave my position of a dependent daughter to acquire my mom’s roll. It was summertime when my mom left the house. The first weeks were easy overall. Cleaning the house, cooking, and taking care of my baby sister was not as hard as I thought it would be. It got harder when school started since I had less time to do house stuff because I was at school and I had lots of homework, plus I was the class president. Everything was getting harder with the absence of my mom because I was the only one taking care of everything for everybody. My brother would not get out of his room unless it was to feed my baby sister in the mornings or because dinner was ready. My dad was always busy working all week except for Sundays. My baby sister could not help me with anything but to make me laugh. My mom was not home, and I was…show more content…
While I had to keep my grades up at school, I also had to make sure the house was clean and my siblings were fed. While my friends were going out, I was changing my sister’s diapers. While teenagers asked their parents for privacy, I begged my brother for help at the house and begged for my parent’s love and attention. This was not the hardest time because it was too much work. This was the hardest time I have ever experienced because it was the first time I really needed my mom’s love and I could not have it. This was the first time in which I felt the weakest but I had to act as the

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