Similarities Between The Buffalo And A Visit To Grandmother

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The purpose of this chapter is to show problems with close ones in these stories. These are usually a problem with a family member or friend, it could be a reasonable, sadding, or even a reason that's not smart. Some try to fix the problem, some make it worse. I will be reviewing the similarities of these problems between “A Visit To Grandmother’s”, “What, Of This Goldfish, Would You Wish”, and the poem “The Buffalo”. “A Visit To Grandmother’s” has a family problems between Chig’s father and his grandmother. Chig’s father feels unloved and uncared by his mother. She hardly did anything fun with him. When he would ask her if she would want to do something with him like playful, she’d just answer back,” I’m too busy”. She always gave GL more attention. Charles confronted her and said,”If GL and I did something wrong, you’d beat me first and then…show more content…
It seems they’ve been moving and as time passes, the traditions changed a bit. It seems that their tradition were the males go out to hunt and the females would help at the house and take care of juveniles. The father has problems with his family because when he would hunt buffalo, they didn’t marked his first kill. He was not thanked for hunting and coming back a successor, the least they could do is sing his buffalo song. So then the father decided to work in the packing house. He would get meat and materials given to him. When he arrived at the house and showed his wife the reward of meat, horns, and hide, but she refuse to have them. This crushed his honor and pride, even his son noticed,” I remember the silence of his lost power”. This shows that when he would hunt he buffalo’s himself, they wouldn’t show their appreciation for the food. So he instead went to work for the packing house, and brought back food, but rejected it. His pride was crushed when he brought it himself but when he got it from the packing house is honor was

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