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Jackie Collins From ranches to mansions, Jackie Collins was inspired to write about her fabulous Hollywood life after being trapped in London for so many years. She was adored by many because of her phenomenal personality. She wrote about men, sex and her glamorous life. Jackie Collins was a unique individual which recently passed away. This essay will tell you what it was like living in the life of Jackie Collins. On the day of October 4th, 1937 the prestigious Jackie Collins was born. She lived in Northwest London, England for about 15 years until one day she was sent to Beverly Hills with her older sister, Joan Collins. Joan was four years older than Jackie but they were very much alike, they were inseparable. Before the career of her writing, Jackie used to act in british movies. She starred in TV shows like Danger man and The Saint. After acting for a while, Jackie wanted to focus more on writing so she quit acting. She grew up with a family of business, her father, Joseph Collins, worked in a theatre booking business and…show more content…
It was kept a secret throughout the years. The only ones that knew were her three daughters, Tracy, Tiffany and Rory. Jackie was glad with her decision about keeping her illness only between her loved ones. I thought Jackie was valorous because she had many problems throughout her life but she was always upbeat, she never let anyone bring her down. Her first husband was Oscar Lerman, but he died in 1965. A few years after Lerman’s death, she was engaged to Frank Calcagnini but he also died in 1998. September 19, 2015 , the Collins family posted on Twitter that recently Jackie Collins had passed away from breast cancer. Her family was devastated. Many were shocked because she had just been on TV 9 days before her death. Jackies family said there was going to be private burial services in the United States and in the United

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