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Tiffany Lugo Professor Downey Joyeux Noel (Merry Christmas) 17 November 2015 Joyneux Noel This 2005 French film is about the World War I Christmas truce seen through the eyes of French, German, and Scottish soldiers. The historical event that Joyneux Noel focuses on is the truce held between the Lieutenants of different armies, which included a Scottish Lieutenant named Gordon; a French Lieutenant named Aubebert; and a German Lieutenant named Horsmayer. This film depicts the truce held between the soldiers because of the lives lost in the war. These soldiers came together on Christmas night because of an amazing historical event that changed the war completely. World War I began in 1914 and lasted until 1918. The film might have been…show more content…
This film did not include some factual events that happened, but it was the most accurate film that gave everyone an idea of what was actually experienced on such a horrendous night. Joyneux Noel was produced in 2005 but the war started in 1914, which is a huge time period difference. In 2005, times were a lot different compared to the culture globally in 1914. Carion made the movie from three different points of view, the German, English, and French so that all sides would be exposed. The costumes that were made reflected what was worn during that time and each country had their own unique way of presenting themselves. The movie presented exact copies of the weapons that were used at that time. It all begins with children from each country explaining which country stood in the way of gaining the most power to be the best country of them all. Then it goes on to present the actual war and how the Scottish were more than exciting that something interesting was actually happening in their lives, they felt as if there were going to do great things for the war and that their lives actually had purpose. The movie then jumps to the Germans, where there is a young married couple singing at the Berlin Opera, which is when the outburst of the war became…show more content…
The different armies listened to the sounds of singing as Sprink and Sorenson sing "Silent Night" and "Adeste Fidelis." The soldiers begin to poke their heads up over the ramparts, and eventually they lay down their arms and join in the cratered no man's land to listen to the singing, and then to the bagpipes of the Scots, and then to celebrate mass. This was potentially the only major battle that was recreated in the movie. On Christmas day both sides are suffering with tons of losses and difficulties in handling their emotions. Both sides are expecting an attack on Christmas night not a hold hands and sing songs type of night. Each side got together and forgot about the war for a while. They shared drinks, food, and even pictures of their wives to have laughs and giggles. The glorious night ends by the wife of the Opera man singing to all of the troopers and after that all sides split apart. On Christmas day as the sun arises they start a burial for all of the troopers who are dead. A small cemetery is left

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