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Schizophrenia can be known as insanity. It’s a mental disorder that can cause hallucinations and make one hear things that others can’t. Schitzo by Nic Sheff, tells a story about Miles Cole. Miles, a sixteen-year-old teenager that had his first episode of schizophrenia after his brother Teddy, was kidnapped. His parents were always depressed because they had lost their son, Teddy, on the day they went to the beach. But in reality, Teddy was just a random child and his parents were depressed because of Miles mental illness, schizophrenia. In the beginning, Miles is hanging out with the only two friends that he has had, Jackie and Preston. He thinks about how grateful he is to be able to have friends like them, even though Miles doesn't believe he even deserves to have friends. The next day, Mile visits his therapist Dr.Frankel, he talks about how unforgivable he is. Of course his therapist believes Miles is talking about his condition of being a schizophrenic, when in reality he was talking about Teddy. After taking to his therapist, Miles main goal is now to try to find his brother. First, he goes to Dotty Peterson,…show more content…
Tolliver came into the store and bought a lottery card, and while he was distracted in the store, Miles ended up sneaking into Tolliver’s car. He waited for him to drive home while he was in the trunk. When they came to a stop, he cautiously got out and picked up a nearby tool, then entered Tolliver’s home. After assaulting Tolliver with the tool, he found a child in a room, and mistakingly took him for being Teddy. Miles proceeded to ask the child to come with him to escape, but luckily, the child was in the middle of being examined by a doctor. The doctor tried to help Miles get to his senses and realized the situation. After calming down and looking at everything clearly, Miles sees that the child before him is not his brother Teddy, but Tolliver’s son,

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