Deforestation In Loma Linda

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1st chapter 1-I am currently staying in city Loma Linda which is situated in San Bernardino County, California. It is also the part of inland empire i.e. river side-san Bernardino-Ontario metropolitan area. Which is the 13th most populated areas in the United States, and the third most populous in California. As on today Loma Linda is progressing in terms of residential, industrial, commercial development. San Bernardino area federally managed has San Bernardino forest encompassing San Bernardino Mountain and transverse ranges. Elevations of mountains ranges from 2,000-11,499ft and this area is a part of the national wilderness preservation system. The area is surrounded by coniferous trees like Ponderosa, Jeffrey pine, Sugar pine, Coulter…show more content…
Large scale agriculture might lead to Temperature change, genetic engineering, irrigation problems, soil degradation, and deforestation. All the factors at some point are interrelated. As of today, global warming has wide detrimental and useful effects on crop yield and it alters carrying capacity of the crop. On the contrary agriculture effects climate change with release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane and other pesticides which affect air, soil, water quality and biodiversity. Millions of species lose their habitat because of deforestation, and is also a driver of climate alteration. Absence of trees would maintain the level of carbon dioxide and unwanted greenhouse gases. Depending upon the region of the world, deforestation alters malaria risk. Poor quality of soil, water, air due to the greenhouse effect and pesticide use yields poor crop yielding. That’s why human health lacks micro nutrition, which is the base of healthy life. Stunted childhood growth and increases susceptibility to infectious diseases. Deforestation caused by agriculture, alter infectious disease patterns. To sum it up it is a vicious…show more content…
2- Women’s fertility can be affected by ecological, physiological and many other factors like environmental toxins release from industrial, house old usage of items. Toxins buildup can affect body physiologically and cause poisoning. Toxins that damage the reproductive system in particular are known as reproductive toxins. Reproductive toxins causes Sterility, Miscarriage, congenital defects, and Progressive disorders in children. Toxins affect the quality of eggs and sperm, inhibit development of the embryo or fetus. Non-ionizing radiation and ethylene oxide are of a less risk than Cadmium which cause’s damage as air born pollutant, and buildup of cadmium can limit the women’s ability to ovulate. It can trigger congenital defects, and affect quality of eggs. The Urine test of cadmium is more specific, amount in cadmium in blood shows recent exposure and amount of cadmium in urine shows recent and past exposure. Cadmium is found in blood/urine/hair/nails, if there is a buildup in the

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