Comparing Blackfeet Communication With Whiteman's Miscommunication

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When it comes to placing my cultural on each of the continua, I would say that it's not something that one can easily do. As mentioned in the example, some might think that the U.S.A. is a low-power-distance culture, while others my not. I think because the U.S.A is a melting pot of all cultures, everyone from the U.S.A. may have different out looks. However, when it comes to my own personal view, I would have to say that the U.S.A. overall tends to be more individualistic, have larger power distances, more of a weak or low uncertainty avoidance, a more "masculine" pattern form, and is often more focused on the "doing" solutions. Generalizations can be useful in that, they can give you a general outline of how a person or cultural may react or work. It eliminated being completely ignorant of what could happen, and can give you a good guess on what to expect. However, those same generalization and be…show more content…
One of the first miscommunications, would be that for Whiteman, speaking is a way to create social connections, that help build our social and societal world. When one is not able to speak publicly they may feel alienated from the rest of the world. However, for Blackfeet, publicly speaking, is only done if you have the social position to do so, otherwise it can be seen as a risky action, that can threaten a groups interconnectedness. Another potential miscommunication between the two communication styles, is that Whiteman who choose to be silent, can show that someone has failed to form relations with others, or that they feel disconnected from the group. While for Blackfeet, silence simply implies that they are more in-tune with their inner self, and the world around them. It doesn’t mean that they are disconnected, but that they can talk

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