Deception In The Crucible

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In life, there will always be that one person, whether they’re in your family or not, who comes up with many excuses for just about everything. Most of the time they try to hide you from the truth so you don’t get hurt whether it’s physically or mentally. The thing is, without a person like that in your life, and then things could end up turning out for the worst. An example of this is Linda Loman from Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, who to me is a classic enabler. In the story or play Death of a Salesman, The main character is Willy Loman, who is a 63 year old salesman. The problem with Willy is he seems to have a case of self-deception along with misguided life goals. Whenever he doesn’t reach those goals that he makes then it always…show more content…
She tells them that Willy feels betrayed and that is why he has contemplated suicide. She tells Biff “Biff, I swear to God! Biff, his life is in your hands!” She is inferring that there still is a chance for Biff to patch things up with Willy and make things right again. Hopefully that means Biff was going to get a job and get his own life back on track for the good of things not only for his family but for himself. Linda is just trying to keep her husband remotely calm and level minded, but as the story continues, its effects start to wear off and Willy starts getting worse. At the same time Linda is stressed out thin, and that is starting to take a toll on her as well. For Linda she’s had to deal with constant fighting between Biff and Willy, Happy telling lies, and she’s even had to deal with numerous payments which are starting to kill them financially because they hardly have the money in order to pay the bills off. The only reason that they have been able to catch up and keep catching up with the bills is when they borrow money weekly from their friend Charley. She is also fed up with where they live and what they are surrounded by. Willy is the same way because their house is surrounded by towering apartment buildings which block out the sunlight and prevent them from growing a garden in their backyard. The

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