Art Analysis: The Snow Storm

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1) Color scheme: The snow storm is an ominous mix of dark blues, greens, and blacks. Whilst the sun provides an eerie glow in light crèmes and yellows. The darkness of the snowstorm and the act that it’s painted like a horrific mouth makes it all the more ominous. Just behind the all-consuming blackness of the snow storm is the he almost inappropriately jovial sunlight, like a beacon of hope lying just beyond the soldiers appending doom. 2) The objects in the painting: The violent and larger-than-life snowstorm is fittingly the center of this piece of artwork. It absolutes dwarfs the soldiers, making them nearly invisible. The storm is fittingly painted like a horrific mouth, which swallows up the soldiers, dominates the viewers’ attention, and is slowly itching towards the ghostly pale light that the sun gives off, as is to slowly but surely block out the hope. The Snow Storm is Napoleon: a frightening,…show more content…
“Following the brief and uneasy peace formalised in the Treaty of Amiens (1802), Britain resumed war against Napoleonic France in May 1803; hostilities were to continue until the British victory at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. The return to war required the resumption of the mass enlistment of the previous ten years, especially as fears of a Napoleonic invasion once again intensified” ( Preparing for war left a lot of England’s citizens in desperate poverty due to high taxes. Even though this painting depicts the real life general Hannibal Barca, this painting is a startling and ominous representation of Napoleon and his army fighting England. And England’s growing panic at the resumption of the war with France, the horror the war inspired and he damage and financial strain it left on England is beautifully and masterfully illustrated in this

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