Death In Dunblae Case

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March 13th, 1996 a terrible tragedy encountered at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland. At approximately 9:25 A.M. Mr. Thomas Hamilton entered into the gymnasium of Dunblane Primary School, where he then took sixteen innocent souls of the ages five and six along with their teacher was murdered during a school shooting. (“The Lost Children”, Paragraph 4). Dunblane, Scotland wasn’t known for this type of crime. According to the news article “Death in Dunblane” this town’s definition of crime was stealing was stealing someone’s garden ornament. In that small town no one could imagine anything like this happening. It all started when Mr. Hamilton wrote a letter to his local news station stating that he was tired of everyone in the town…show more content…
The neighbors that were interviewed after this terrible tragedy happened, Mrs. Kathleen Kerr stated that he waved at her, and entered his car but he seemed very happy. Mr. Hamilton was at the age of 43 when he committed this crime. Before he made it to the gym he started at the playground outside where he began firing, several people seen him, but didn’t challenge him because they didn’t think they had enough strength to stop him. Mr. Hamilton made his ways through the hallways shattering the window of the classroom with one of the four handguns he was using. The first person that was shot Mrs. Mary Blake survived the first round of the shooting. Mr. Hamilton’s target wasn’t at any of the adults at the Primary School he was after the innocent little children in the gymnasium. A Student by the name of Laura Bryce who was only the age of eleven at the time stated “The bullets came through the windows, and doors which also hit her friend chair.” According to few witnesses Mr. Hamilton was wearing black ear muffs, and a black hat. The ear muffs kept him from hearing the bullets he was blasting inside the school shooting. Many of the students said that he was one of

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