David Ficher 7 Deadly Sins

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In the film Seven directed by David Ficher, shows punishment of sins from the perspective of a psychopath and how one should reflect on oneself and punish due to the sins committed. The film mostly revolve of giving the feeling of tension and curiosity towards the audiences, suitable of a psychological horror film. The film focuses on two detectives, William R. and David Mills. A series of murderers has been happening and all of them are based on the 7 Deadly Sins. Both of the detectives must investigate and find the culprit who was behind all of the murders. One by one, clues left by the culprit are discovered and must be solved by them in order to find the next victim. The clues provided are sins that the victims committed proclaimed by…show more content…
The characteristics of William are later shown by the scene where he finishes his breakfast alone in the kitchen, giving the impression of him might be lonely and later the scene where all of his ‘equipment’ for the day, like his pen, his badge etc are arranged neatly on his mirror table, showing that he is an organized person. In the next scene, where he arrived in a crime scene, David Mills is introduced into the frame. A medium close-up of him is made, showing that he will have a connection with William and one of the importance in the film. Later, both of them walk out of the crime scene and the viewer can clearly see the tension between the two characters when they are walking out. The tension can be seen by the movement of David Mills accidentally bumping pedestrians while talking with William. The bumping indicates the tension of the conversation between them. In the beginning of the conversation, it is shown that David Mills has the higher power against William by being in the left side of the frame. However, the position is later changed and William is at the left side of the frame, showing that he has the upper hand between them and the tension is more towards

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