Service Quality In Airlines

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Introduction Being a low-cost carrier, Indigo offers only economy class seating accommodating 180 passengers per aircraft. To keep fares low, Indigo does not provide complimentary meals in any of its flights, though it does have a buy-on board in-flight meal programme. No in-flight entertainment is available and Hello 6E is the in-flight magazine published by IndiGo. IndiGo offers premium services, where the passengers can avail additional benefits like a pre-assigned seat, multiple cancellations and priority check-in at a higher fare. The aviation sector has become the most important segment in the economic development of a nation. It plays a vital role in moving people or products from one place to another, be it domestic or international,…show more content…
In the past decade, as the air transportation market has become even more challenging, many airlines have turned to focus on airline service quality to increase service satisfaction. Service quality conditions influences a firm‟s competitive advantage by retaining customer patronage, and with this comes market share. Delivering high-quality service to passengers is essential for airline survival, so airlines need to understand what passengers expect from their services. Service quality can be defined as a consumer‟s overall impression of the relative efficiency of the organization and its services. Understanding exactly what customers expect is the most crucial step in defining and delivering high-quality service. Service quality is one of the best models for evaluating customers‟ expectations and perceptions. The performance of a company leads to passenger satisfaction with a product or service. Passenger satisfaction is fundamental to the practice of consumer sovereignty. Recently many researchers stresses that, customer satisfaction have become an important issue for marketing practitioners because of the rapid business…show more content…
This study is basically being conducted to identify various quality measures that indigo airlines offers and also to analyze how its services influences its customers as indigo claims that its success is about future planning. Objectives of the Study The main objective of the study is to • Analyze whether the customers are influenced by the quality services offered by INDIGO. • To identify the customer awareness and experience on Indigo Services. • To find out the quality services provided by Indigo. • To evaluate the customer satisfaction by the services of

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