The Dragon Prince: Short Story: Heian Period, Japan

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The sky was dyed with a bright red color, the smell of blood filled the cold wind that night, there was fog mixed with smoke, and ashes floating all around the place. Foes and allies fighting one another. Reiko was there, unable to identity between the two; it was all lost. “How could the peace that had reigned for centuries be shattered so easily?, Everything was normal a few months ago, so why did it had to come to this?” That were Reiko’s thoughts as she drew her weapon and approached the core of the endless battle. Reiko was about to fight her dearest and most precious friends…. Year 800 CE; Heian Period, Japan -Reiko-hime! Were are you going?! You shouldn’t leave your room until tonight’s…show more content…
Maids and butlers were walking rapidly accommodating, and cleaning the paintings and seashells that decorated the great aquamarine walls, and the cause for all that fluttering was the upcoming arrival of the Dragon Prince, who was supposedly one of the candidates for being Reiko’s fiancé. It was a beautiful morning indeed. However, not all things seemed to be in order. Since early in the morning there was uneasiness in the air which was making Reiko feel uncomfortable. Aside from her, no one seemed to notice anything out of the ordinary that day, so the more reason to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Due to the preparations that were taking place in the palace, Reiko managed to scape through the one of the back doors of the gardens that surrounded the perimeter, leading to a secret path that only she knew…show more content…
…. How many times must I tell you not to leave palace grounds? You know your responsibilities and what you are supposed to do. You must understand that the work of the next family head it’s going to be your duty, as such, you must learn to behave properly as expected of my daughter. Are you not listening? -I am listening. It’s just that I can’t satisfy all your wishes, and this matter about the engagement it’s senseless! I never asked to be the eldest, much less the only child alive! I’m tired of this bullsh*t!! -Reiko! Watch your mouth. *sighs* Maybe now you don’t understand, but when you take my position you will. For now just do as you are told and stay out of trouble, is that clear? -…..crystal…. -Now, as for prince Okami, make sure you are well presented for his arrival in three days. Regarding your private guard, I will now present them to you. Please, bring them to the throne room! […] Reiko, from today onwards, they will accompany and assist you at all times, I have given them strict orders to do

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