Dating: A Fictional Narrative

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“Oh my God Cameron, you're in love with her.” Cameron leaned back in his chair and rubbed his palms through his dark hair. His sister was always so dramatic. He could smile at a woman on the street, and Lauren would claim he was in love. He was long overdue for a wife. Heck, he was one of the few unmarried men at his company. After dealing with his last crazy relationship, he had been avoiding stepping back in the dating pool. Lauren opened her mouth and he interrupted before she could speak. “Since when did being a gentleman mean I'm ready to propose?” “Since when do you offer to pay for a random woman's meal?” “She was sitting alone and I heard the waiter mention it was her birthday. You're making something out of nothing, Lauren.” He…show more content…
“Don't you have somewhere to be?” “Nope classes are canceled today. I'm going to be staying the whole day here in your office.” “The mall is still open.” Lauren's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. He fished a hundred dollar bill out his wallet and her smile disappeared. She had expensive taste. Despite him wanting her to go away for a few hours, he was not indulging in her shopping addiction. She could easily throw away a thousand dollars at the mall. He let her go on a spending frenzy before her college classes started, but he didn't plan on making it a routine thing. When she folded her arms and leaned against the door, he knew she wasn't leaving his office building. He rested his chin on his palm, staring at his empty desk. When money wasn't enough, ignoring her usually did the trick. He perched up when she grabbed the door handle. It was a slow day in the office, and he wanted to alone in his thoughts for a few hours. “I'll be watching TV in the conference room.” Lately, he had been feeling out of his element. He was surrounded by beautiful women being the owner of a popular women's magazine, and this month they were starting a series of articles on dating, but he couldn't kick the feeling of something

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