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Dandelion root and it's beauty health benefits - The roots of dandelion and its health and beauty related properties Dandelion is considered to be mostly wild grass, but according to research it has many health and beauty related properties. Due to its medicinal properties, Chinese people used to use this root for many cures. This can be treated with piles, gallstones and other stomach related diseases. The cause of intake of it for pregnant woman is very essential as it can increase the quality and quantity of breast milk. Below it shows its health and beauty related qualities. The dandelion is a plant that many people call a wild grass, it is also found in the garden too. If you look at the garden carefully you will find this plant…show more content…
It enhances bile to improve the digestive process, which is essential for proper digestion. It also protects the liver and acts like lightweight laxative. Protect the Benefits of Leopard Liver (Protects liver syphaparnee ke gun) Top natural sweetener, sugar substitutes Luteolin and vitamin C are present in the root of the dandelion, from which you can stay safe from the liver viral infection and prevent it from coming at the same time. It also reduces the risk of jaundice. This root is also present in choline called liver stimulant and it is helpful to treat hemorrhage. Properties of Dandelion This is the Substance of Vitamin (Vitamin Source) Vitamin A and vitamin K present in the root of the dandelion is essential for maintaining the body. Vitamin A, which is present in the root of the lip, has gyaxanthin (zeaxanthin), which is also carotenoid, which protects the eyes from harmful UV rays. Therefore, take daily juice of lip syrup. Vitamin K in the root of the dandelion protects our body from alzheimer's disease, fighting neuron dyhemis. Improve immune system (Improves immune system

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