Daisy's Turning Point In The Great Gatsby

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Jay Gatsby is a determined man that is dealing with the transition in life from poverty to wealth. He is a man of significant transformation. In his childhood, he was part of a family in poverty. He has always wanted to become a prosperous and blissful man and will do anything to make it happen. He even changes his name from James Gatz to start a new beginning. He also withdraws from St. Olaf’s College since he loathed his janitorial job that helped pay for his tuition. Along with wanting to be wealthy, he is obsessed with Daisy. He first fell in love with her when he was a military officer in Louisville, Kentucky. He lies to Daisy about his personal life to make it seem like he is worthy of her. In 1917, he goes to battle in World War I. Daisy promises to wait for him until he gets back, however this doesn’t happen. In 1919, after the war while Gatsby is studying at Oxford, Daisy marries Tom Buchanan. This shatters Gatsby’s heart, and this is a major turning point in his life.…show more content…
I like that Gatsby knows what he wants in life, but sometimes he doesn’t handle the situation in a mature way. Instead of lying about things, he should tell everyone what really happened in his life. Overall though, I think Gatsby has a loving heart and means no harm by some of things he does. For example, when Gatsby was a child he carried a book around called Hapalong Cassidy. As his father once says, “Look here, this is a book he had when he was a boy. It just shows you” (Fitzgerald 173). He is explaining how Gatsby kept record a daily routine of things to do. He also made a list of things not to do anymore. This book helped stay determined and have goals in life. This is what I respect Gatsby the most

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