Daisy's Love In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby explores the phenomena of love, deceit, and social ranking set in New York. It revolves around two extramarital affairs and people who let their power get to their heads. Fitzgerald delves into a world where everything is not what it appears to be. People lie about who they are, steal from and cheat their closest friends, and even kill people. Jay Gatsby, the protagonist of the story, is an extremely wealthy man who lives in West Egg. Although he throws large parties at his mansion every weekend, many of those who attend do not know who he is. Everything he has done, including throwing these parties, was to win the heart of Daisy Buchanan, a girl he fell in love with years ago,but he didn’t…show more content…
After the war, he used what he learned from Dan Cody and devoted the rest of his life to becoming wealthy in order to try to be with Daisy, but the path he leaves behind him on his quest is littered with destruction. Jay Gatsby is a man who does the most immoral things, but since he has the purest intentions when it comes to pursuing love, he is viewed as a good character. Gatsby’s passion for Daisy is driven by his overwhelming love for her. Gatsby is obsessed with Daisy and hopes that one day, she will leave Tom to be with him. His mind is possessed and intrigued by Daisy’s every action, which leads him to think with his heart instead of his head. When Nick invites Daisy over to tea with Gatsby, they want to be left alone to “catch up” with each other. Gatsby takes Daisy and shows her all of his shirts. He is showing her how wealthy he has become since the last time they were in love. Nick takes the hint, and as he leaves the room, he thinks, “They had forgotten me, but Daisy glanced up and held out her hand. Gatsby didn’t know me now at all. I looked once more at them and they looked back at me, remotely, possessed by intense life. Then I went out of
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