Aldrich Ames Case Study

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Before I go into this Polygraph testing case study I will define how the polygraph machine works and then discuss the man behind the Aldrich Ames case. A polygraph machine records the body's involuntary responses to an examiner's questions in order to ascertain deceptive behavior. The test measures physiological data from three or more systems of the human body-generally the respiratory, cardiovascular, and sweat gland systems. Aldrich Ames was a former CIA agent who came from a CIA family; his dad worked for the agency and was instrumental in getting Aldrich his job. Aldrich duty with the agency sent him to Turkey where he posed as a military officer. His job was to recruit Turks as spies, but he only managed to "turn" one asset: a local…show more content…
Maria pressured Aldrich into divorcing his wife, which he did and the two spent time together. Maria was a person who required a lot of money to keep happy and Aldrich, who had enormous debt following his divorce, became deeper in debt, this is where his troubles started. His enormous amount of debt caused him to think of ways to earn money. Aldrich eventually started spying for the Russians and amassing approximately 2 million dollars. His work for the Russians was a major blow to the United States government and subsequently led to the death of two agents. In February 1994, Ames was…show more content…
Part of the interview process was to pass a polygraph exam. The first thing, I had to do was travel an hour and a half to reach the testing site. When I arrived, I waited for 45 minutes until I met with the administrator. Prior to the exam the administrator told me to relax and that he will ask me a series of questions, he said he part of the hiring process was to pass this test. The statement put me in an immediate panic mode, I was thinking if I fail this exam my chances of becoming a Trooper was nil. I was strapped up with a belt to my chest and an attachment to my finger. The first question he asked me was is my name Ronald Charles? He also asked is the current year 2002? This was the part of the exam that recorded my true statements. Continuing with the test I was able to see the paper printout that showed the current fluctuations with my response. I believe this was another tool to see how I handle the next series of

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