Daemn-Personal Narrative

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I slowly push the pieces of the entertainment system off, scrambling to my feet and my eyes go to Daemn as he charges me. I use his own momentum against him, grabbing his arm, spinning on my heels and dropping to my knees. It doesn’t take a lot of strength; his momentum doing most of the work. His shoulder makes a sickening pop from being yanked the wrong direction. He’s down and I take a strike at him with my knife. I’m too slow. Even with a dislocated shoulder, he’s still up on his feet within a second and this time, he’s not playing around. I’m unprepared for his inhumanly fast attack and I don’t have the strength to stop him as he slams me into the window, the shards of glass digging deeper into my back. I bit my lip, ignoring the surging…show more content…
To fight. To survive. Like I always have. It’s the part of me, which kept me alive when I was in Scelestus City. It’s the part of me that wants to survive and will do anything to do so, even if it means burying this pain, instead of facing it. It doesn’t matter if Daemn’s dead or not. All that matters is surviving. I need to survive because that’s the only thing I’m good at. It tells me I’ll find purpose again, but not if I sit here, crying on the floor like a pathetic child. I swallow back my tears, forcing a wall to go up between me and the pain. I can’t deal with the pain, but I can block it out. I finally look up to find out who shot Daemn and I’m surprised to see its Stonewood. He stands less than ten feet away from me, wearing a silver suit and a gun lazily hanging in his fingers. His expression is one of self-righteous victory. Daemn had said something about Stonewood wanting him dead, but why? And why now? Stonewood tosses the gun toward me and I study him, suspiciously, through watery eyes. A part of me instantly wants to go for the gun. That can easily be a trap and he’ll just shoot me down. Questions fly through my mind as it starts to work properly again. Why did he kill Daemn? And why toss me the…show more content…
He’s setting me up. With that arrogant smirk on his face, he says nothing and snaps his fingers. Demon guards instantly march in. I leap to my feet, panicking as I realize I have nowhere to run unless I want to take a nice fall through the window. “She murdered Daemn Nexling,” Stonewood announces calmly and the guards surround me. They start approaching me. I’m not about to go quietly. I will fight. I will not just take the blame for a crime I didn’t get to commit. If I had killed him, I wouldn’t have denied it, but I didn’t. Stonewood did. The nearest guard instantly receives a sharp elbow to the neck and a foot to the groin. He drops and another reaches for me. Before I can even attack him, a shock of electricity fires through my body and I drop to my knees. The sharp pain makes me cry out and my body longs to fall completely to the ground. My limbs refuse to obey my command, so I am unable to fight as two guards drag me to my wiggling feet. I scowl up at Stonewood as they bring me to him. “You used me!” I scream, trying to jump at him. I don’t get far, since my legs feel like weak noodles and the guards’ grip on me only tightens. “I don’t know what you mean, Crysta Crane,” Stonewood answers,

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