Crime Scene Initial Assessment

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Initial Assessment When first came to the crime scene we had to make sure that the crime scene was secured by police tape so that no unauthorized people enters the crime scene. Another few reasons why the crime scene was secured by was police tape so that all the evidence can stay in the crime scene and then S.O.C.O can then take a few sketches or photos to show later where the evidence was collected from. The police tape helped us to do some searches to all the evidence that could be collected from the crime scene. Before we started the investigation we secured the crime scene with police tape around it so it helped us on making sure that no public could go through the crime scene and no one interrupts the crime scene. Additionally we had to make sure that the evidence didn't get contaminated so we put the police tape around the whole crime scene. Also because if the public did go into the crime scene then would of left some form of their DNA, this would make it really difficult to find out who the…show more content…
One of the way to prevent contamination was to wear the PPE to ensure that none of the officers DNA was left on the evidence. We collected a lot of evidence and we used different techniques to prevent them from being contaminated. Collecting saliva from the wine bottle and mug. I collected this evidence by carefully rolling a cotton bud around the head of wine bottle and i made sure that i was wearing gloves so there was no contamination. After I sample of the saliva, I used a sealed plastic tube to put the cotton bud in. I used this because the saliva will not be contaminated by the surrounding. I done the same process to collect the saliva from the mug. However I had two samples and I sealed the samples in two separate tubes to prevent contamination to this

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