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The experiment is to find out which unknown ionic compound the group has out of 15 possible choices and then to create a reaction to find quantitative proof that proves even more that the compound is truly what it is thought to be. To find out the unknown compound, the plan is to mix it with water to create a solution if the compound is soluble and then to test for the anion with the specific anion tests and lastly, use the ammonium test or the cation flame test. There are many tests for anions like the test for chloride, iodide, sulfate, nitrate, acetate and other anions. The cation tests are the test for ammonium and the flame test where a person burns the compound and the color of the flame determines what the cation is. Quantitative proof can be found by determining how much of a product there will be when it reacts with a certain amount of reactant. If the hypothesis about the identity of the compound is correct, then the amount of product created will be relatively close to how much is suppose to…show more content…
It had a mass of 2.483 g and 0.08 g of the unknown compound was added to the boat. Then the compound was poured into a beaker with 40 mL of deionized water and it was stirred until the compound was completely dissolved. It was then determined to do the sulfate test and 1 mL of HCl, 1 mL of BaCl2, and 1 mL of the unknown solution were added to a test tube. There was no precipitate meaning there was no sulfate present. After this, 1 mL of 6 M HNO3, 1 mL of AgNO3, and 1 mL of the unknown solution were added to a test tube and there was a precipitate which meant chloride was part compound. The anion was determined so it was now time to determine the cation. First, a test for ammonium was administered by holding a red litmus paper over a test tube filled with the unknown solution and it slowly started to turn blue meaning that ammonium was part of the compound. These tests proved that the unknown compound was

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