Sponono By Alan Paton Essay

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Although in “Sponono” by Alan Paton the main characters Sponono and Meneer are battling to gain the authority in their, relationship, they are also trying to gain each other's trust. Sponono goes to Meneer every time he gets into trouble because he wants forgiveness. In this way, Sponono manipulates Meneer and expects that Menneer will forgive him. Despite the fact that Sponono keeps getting into trouble, Meneer always finds a way to forgive him because he wants to believe that Sponono can be good. Sponono continues to do things that get him into trouble as a way of challenging Meneer to forgive him. Sponono uses all of his schemes to get Meneer’s attention because this is the way that he learned to survive. He offers acts of kindness to

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