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The Conscription Crisis The Conscription crisis had a large impact on Canada and effected the nation in many ways. In 1914 when World War I broke out, Canada automatically found itself in trouble. At the time, Prime Minister Robert Borden intended to recruit a large number of soldiers across the country through mandatory drafting. Many people debated that it would create a real crisis when the Conscription act was carried out in 1917. The outcome of Conscription caused suffering within the country between the English and the French. Although the relationship between the two Canadians suffered, women happened to benefit from Conscription. Women were given opportunities due to this obligatory act being put in place. Farmers were negatively…show more content…
They had tried a recruiting effort in Quebec but that had failed. Due to this, Canada turned to what was thought to be a good option; Conscription. To continue the support for conscription, Borden extended the vote in the 1917 election. Since in desperate need of votes, he gave the right to those he knew would vote for Conscription. Many people including; women who were serving as nurses, were also given the right to vote. Women who had close male relatives serving in the war were arranged the right to vote in this election, since Borden knew they would be in favour of Conscription (Sungrab, Tenzin). At this time not only were many women given the opportunity to vote, they were also given the chance to join the work force. Since majority of men were recruited women had to take over the work force. They took over the jobs of their husbands, or just jobs that were in need of employees. Most women worked in factories or served as nurses/ ambulance drivers in the war. It was because of Conscription that women were given rights. Conscription allowed women to vote and join the work force, though it was just temporary, the attitudes of women changed

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