Oliver Cromwell: Dishonest Or Virtual Dictator?

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Many know him only as Lord Protector of the Commonwealth, but there is much more to Oliver Cromwell than a virtual dictator. He was a radical Puritan, statesman, general, and much more. In exploring his life, there is much information one can glean about England and the the British Isles in the 17th century. On April 25, 1599, Oliver Cromwell was born to middle gentry parents, Robert and Elizabeth. The Cromwells had wealthy relatives, but they themselves were of moderate means. Oliver was sent to the Huntington Grammar School. He later studied for one year at Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University, after which he had to return home to provide for his newly widowed mother. He studied law for a short time in London, where he met Elizabeth Bourchier, the daughter of a wealthy merchant. The two were married on August 22, 1620. Together they had nine children. Oliver made…show more content…
The first was the "Rump Parliament" and Council of State. These were viewed as a preparation for a more permanent system. After must frustration over the slowness over the decision of what would take place, Cromwell led a band of men to Westminster and dissolved the 'Rump Parliament". Its place was taken by the Nominated Assembly, which was the most radical constitutional experiment of its time. Soon after it began, the Assembly deemed it right to dissolve and hand the power over to Cromwell. A new constitution was written, and Oliver chose to be called "Lord Protector" as he did not wish to be made king. He was formally installed for life on December 16, 1653, at Westminster Hall. He kept a leash on power through the 1650's predominately because of his keeping the loyalty of the army. He made secret treaties with France and Spain while the two nations were at war. Cromwell eventually sided with France, but later his anti-Spanish foreign policy was said to damage commerce and trading with said

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