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American Honor Killings is a non-fiction book written by David McConnell. It is about male violence and series of murders of men that are the most notorious crimes of the modern era. Some locations of the crimes consisted of California, Oklahoma, Maryland, and New York. The murders and crimes committed in the book were not caused by known criminals but many of the crimes made them notorious. As a result, the media makes them famous, thus more people commit horrid acts of violence to get their name out there, trying to top other criminals. According to the Introduction, most of the crimes in the book are murders of gay men and hatred against them. The author gives a great visual portrait of the murderers disturbing inner lives. McConnell writes that what he did to write the book was he took real stories and “retold them in narrative form” (13). David McConnell is recognized by his short fiction and journalism which have appeared in many magazines,…show more content…
The murder was part of a gang initiation into the United Aryan Brotherhood. Darrell Madden was charged of murder for killing a man named Steven Domer which was 62 years of age. Madden was also charged with the murder of his friend who was named Bradley Qualls. Madden was arrested because of a call to police from a woman that Madden used to date. She heard him talk to Qualls about killing a man and saying that the person would not fight back at all. McConnell writes “things got a lot worse as soon as Brad learned Steve’s last name” (118). Steven’s last name is Domer and it sounds like Dahmer. Madden thought that Domer was the brother of Jeffery Dahmer, which was a lunatic serial killer that ate people and disposed of them. “With insane energy, Brad beat Steve for the similarity of names. Brad had meaty, big-boned fists that didn’t injure easily” (118). Madden beat Domer senselessly after he found out the similarity of his last

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