Frankenstein Compare And Contrast Essay

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There are a lot of similarities and differences in the movie and in the book. First of all in the book, story starts up with Captain Walton receiving letters from his sister while there is no sign of letters in the movie. In the book, Victor Frankenstein has two brothers while in the movie, Frankenstein only has one brother. In the book, Frankenstein creates the monster by his own studies and experiments but in the movie he creates the monster by examining the research of deceased professor Waldman. The detail of creating creature’s body parts is not described in the book but in the movie he uses the body parts of a criminal’s dead body. Moreover in the book, Frankenstein performs all the experiments alone, but in the movie he performs all…show more content…
In the book, description about the monster is that he is of gigantic stature having long hair, but in the movie, his stature appears to be like a normal human being with short hair. In the book, the monster can climb the mountains very fast while in the movie he is very slow. Moreover, in the book, the monster eats red berries from the trees, but in the movie, there was nothing about his food. In the book, the entire story is made horror but in the movie there are some romantic scenes, which made the movie more interesting. Elizabeth and Frankenstein are shown much closer to each other in the movie as in the book. According to the book, Frankenstein travels on a large number of places with his friend Cleveral for the sake of enjoyment, but in the movie, there is not a single place, which they visited. One of the major differences is that, in the end, monster kills Elizabeth and its all over about Elizabeth, but in the movie, when Elizabeth is being killed by the monster, Frankenstein made her alive again by his scientific methods. In the book, there is a long journey of Frankenstein to kill the monster and take revenge of Elizabeth’s death, but in the movie there is not anything about the revenge of Elizabeth’s

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