Conformity In Gulliver's Travels

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In Gulliver’s Travels humankind and the universal traits associated with it are showcased in a negative light, we see this during his travels and encounters with varieties of inhabitants of different land. People who are in positions of government, the behavior of yahoos, desire for war, destruction and luxurious things. We see humanity being put into this negative light when Gulliver is expressing his beliefs in humanity. Gulliver gives a description his feelings and how his “patience breaks” when he says, My Reconcilement to the Yahoo-kind in general might not be so difficult, if they would be content with those Vices and Follies only which Nature hath entitled them to. I am not in the least provoked at the Sight of a Lawyer, a Pick-pocket,…show more content…
(271) On this last page, Gulliver describes his difficulties he in readjusting to his own human culture. Associating European and English culture with the Yahoos. However, the hypocrisy he describes when expressing his beliefs is not a Yahoo characteristic. Gulliver is accrediting many sins to “the due Course of Things,” Gulliver expresses his new belief that humanity is, from what the Houyhnhnms believe, immoral and unmanageable at heart. To Gulliver humans are animals, vicious ones to say the least, with vehement actions of reason that make their corruption dangerous. In addition to this, Gulliver says, humanity has the inability to see its own failings. Gulliver gives an exemption to…show more content…
This is seen in two instances that I will analyze in the next paragraphs. These two instances are when Gulliver tells the king of Brobdingnag of this useful thing they have in Gulliver’s home country but not in Brobdingnag. The other instance I will use is when Gulliver begins to criticize humanity after going back to his home in England, returning from the land of the

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