Confederation Vs Constitution

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Even a time before being independent the United States of America were ruled under the Articles of Confederation. Though finding that the articles were no longer meeting the needs of the people, 55 state delegates met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to construct the constitution. For the constitution to be in effect, it had to be approved by 9 of 13 states. Within a month of the constitution being presented, Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia and Connecticut all had approved the new way of rule. Though what held up the other states revolved around many issues. One of which being was that the National Government proposed by the Philadelphia Convention would only allow a few amount of wealthy eliest to take part in republic affairs. Signing the constitution would be throwing away what the states originally fought for. With the new proposed government following the rule of the Constitution, the United States of America would be giving up their freedom and liberties. Americans fought 8 years for independence, so why throw it away. A government should be based on the common citizen,…show more content…
Ruling this country under one government will only cause more problems. Each state north and south has its own needs, and none of them will be met if states are in constant feud with each other. In a newspaper essay by Richard Henry Lee, the virginia landowner quotes, “...a free elective government cannot be extended over large territories...Different laws, customs, and opinions exist in the different states...It would be impossible to collect a representation of the parts of the country five, six, and seven hundred miles from the seat of government.” Not only will the constitution be more beneficial to some states than other, it is not likely that a congress can control states from such distances. The government needs to be fair to all states and provide each state with the necessities it need to

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