Argumentative Essay: Cross Country Vs. Track

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Cross country vs. Track Some people like running long distances, some don’t. Thankfully there are two sports that pertain to both longer and shorter distances. Both of these sports cross country and track make runners feel the same thrill of training, winning, and competing. Although you run in both sports, and have to practice for both, many people like one more than the other. I personally love running track over cross country. But both sports are beneficial. Running track over running cross country can be very different. Track and cross country both are alike in helping you to be in shape and to help you push yourself farther than you thought you could go. When preparing for track and cross country there are different ways of preparing.…show more content…
You don’t ever run more than three miles at once, and you always do a weights workout with dumbbells after. When starting off the track season a normal first practice consists of something easier so a runner can gradually work their way into becoming in shape. Practices get more intense in workouts as your body adapts to getting back into shape. It’s not as hard for you to do more intense and extensive workouts. After the first practice you feel completely out of shape, tired, and drained of energy. In short it’s a miserable first two weeks of being sore. Muscles are important to stretch in track and you have to make sure you have strong leg muscles, good upper body strength so you can have a good upright posture. . Track is about being determined and knowing how to run the race you’re competing in. You go a shorter distance and have to know you’re able to run faster quicker than in cross country. In track I feel that it’s important to prepare for it, and put time into because it’s easier to run a father distance slower and still be able to maintain keeping up with others because you have more time to make up distance if you start off slower. In track you have to be part of the “pack” of runners the whole time because if not you’ll lose the chance to be a competitor. You don’t have a chance to make up for lost distance because it’s a shorter

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