Compassion Fatigue Case Study

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Thought Paper #2 Do you think police officers are at risk for compassion fatigue? MWF 11 am An increasing problem in today’s society is the fact that police officers are starting to abuse the power that is granted to them. Regular citizens, for the most part, have to do whatever the police officers command them to do. Even if the officers are in the wrong, the citizens are still required to obey the officer’s commands. If the citizens do not do exactly what is asked of them, serious injury or death may be the end result. For the most part, police officers act civil when giving commands, but sometimes the officers may take things too far. Police officers have one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in the world because they have to deal with criminals and, while dealing with these criminals, they have to make…show more content…
Compassion fatigue explains that police officers are starting to react with deadly weapons quicker because they are starting to care less about the situation at hand. According to one source, “Persons suffering from compassion fatigue have episodes of sadness and depression, sleeplessness, and general anxiety. In some cases, they may suffer from a psychic overload; they may lose their objectivity and their ability to be helpful. In serious cases, they may sink into a deep depression, which isolates them from the support of others. They may also be plagued by dreams, nightmares, and intrusive thoughts similar to what their patients have experienced” (Figley). This goes to show that the stress caused by working as a police officer can lead to severe health issues. It associates the police officers with disorders such as depression and anxiety. This could inevitably be the reason that they react to certain situations with violence. It also says the officers often have thoughts similar to their patients/ suspects

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