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Harry Houdini NHD rough draft The NHD topic this year was Leadership and Legacy. The topic I chose was Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini one of the most famous magicians who inspired many others to become interested in magic. He is a leader because he has done what others have never done before and set a new standard in competition. He is still claims the leadership position is his industry of magic, 80 years after his death. His legacy is that he changed the game of magic, and still holds the leadership this long after his death. Harry Houdini, also known as Erich Weisz, was born in Hungary. He and his family moved to America when he was four years old. When he was younger, he sold newspapers and shined shoes to help support his family. His first performance on stage was at the age of nine years old. At the age of 12, he hopped a freight car and ran away. A year later he returned back home to support his family, but nobody knows anything about the year away from his family. Throughout this time he and his brother became more interested in magic. He changed his name to Harry Houdini, which was his stage name. He left his family to pursue his magic career. He started doing small acts in New York by the age of 20. He…show more content…
He did tours in Europe and would escape from anything. Harry was able to accomplish his dream by having a full show for his magic. He was one of the few people in the magic industry that has ever done anything like this. He was one of the famous magicians and later got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. He is important to history because he set a new level of magic and still holds the leadership because no one can do what he did. “Leadership is about doing what others have not done before – changing the game in a market – and setting a new standard for the competition.” He affected people lives by making them think more about magic, and become more

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