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Water is an essential necessity, if we do not drink water all of our organs will eventually shut down, and we will die. A person cannot survive for more than 3-4 days without water! Water purification is the removal of contaminants (e.g. dirt, bacteria, protozoa, Cryptosporidium). Fresh water is getting more and more scarce in the world. The Sawyer Mini is a type of water filtration system that can filter many contaminants making unclean water safe to drink, this will help save more water for the future, and now. The Sawyer Mini is a water filter that is small enough to be stored in a backpack used for hiking. The Sawyer Mini has a hollow-fibre membrane, which increases the flow rate of filtering, and drinking. It has a 0.1-micron filter (which…show more content…
The Sawyer mini will give many people access to clean water; it will improve health in poor countries. The sawyer mini will also help people who are not as wealthy, and clean water is not available all the time and if available you only get a certain amount for a very expensive price, the sawyer mini will also help people who live in places that clean water is abundant, they can use any source of water, and they can be ensure d that the water is clean and safe to drink. The environmental factors for using the Sawyer Mini Filter is that there will be clean water, and there will be no pollution, because right now when we get access to clean water they get put through a long process of filtration to guarantee that there are no harmful microorganisms, and chemicals in the water. You do not need to continue to replace the cartridge for filtering water. You do not need to boil water, and this helps the environment because when you boil water you need fire, and the fire will produce carbon dioxide, fumes… etc. that will harm the environment/atmosphere. There are also no use of chemicals during the filtration process in the Sawyer Mini Water Filtration

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