Comparing Men And Women In Susan Glaspell's Trifles

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In the first quarter of the play, Mr. Hale, the Sheriff, and the County Attorney show that men are dominant. Before the County Attorney goes upstairs with Mr. Hale and the Sheriff, the County Attorney has a conversation with Mrs. Peters. “Yes, but I like to see what you take, Mrs. Peters, and keep an eye out for anything that might be of use to us” (Glaspell 920). This sentence from the County Attorney shows that he does not believe in Mrs. Peters. This man thinks that women cannot be trusted and is scared that women will destroy the evidence. In the “The ‘Trifles’ of Feminism,” Christina McClure states that “women’s voices are not heard and when they are, there opinions and concerns are dismissed, regardless of their importance.” McClure realizes that men do not respect the women in “Trifles”, as the men always suspicious with the women. Not only that, the County Attorney, as a man, also wants to dominate the woman by…show more content…
Black and white are colors, but both of that are very opposite and contrast. Same with human, both of men and women are human, but their characteristics as human are different. Like my mother and my father have a different idea to get the babysitter, the men and women in “Trifles” are also having different perspectives and characteristics to uncover the case. Men are more rigid when women are more flexible when they come to the scene of the crime. When men just following the facts, the women follow their heart to examine the scene. Furthermore, men are dominant and women are subordinate. It shows that men are more confident and feels that they are more powerful than women. However, women are more sympathetic because they are using their heart and feeling regret for failing to help other people. Not only that, but women are also holding their highest value of loyalty as they hide the solved puzzle. These distinctions prove the unique between men and women, who have different

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