Comparing Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Egyptian Funerary Text

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In ancient civilization, entities such as gods and rulers were understood as having both human and inhuman attributes. Emphasis on the natural and supernatural powers of these entities helped people to better comprehend whom they should worship and follow throughout their existence on earth. Two such excerpts from the time period: The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Egyptian funerary text both enforced these ideals in their writings. The Epic of Gilgamesh was actually based off an actual historical figure who reigned over a Sumerian city-state. After his death, the people still worshipped the leader and recited and celebrated his heroic deeds and wisdom "Surpassing all kings, for his stature renowned." The story of this real-life king and his adventures were passed down for quite some time probably being used as a basis to judge and teach future kings and leaders at the time. Gilgamesh is a king crafted by the gods "Two-thirds...divine," This reinforced the idea to the people that kings at the time were part god; being in equal or right below god standing and always higher than the basic common folks. Despite that Gilgamesh also showed human qualities and…show more content…
In the beginning, the text was only used during the burial of past kings, to guide him to his rightful place at the gods and Ra. The ancient Egyptians believed that Pharaohs were direct descendants of Ra, The King of Gods, divine servants and mediator between the gods and people. The Egyptian Text were later open to the use of everybody and the "Book of the Dead" was used mainly as a ritual to determine the right of passage into the afterlife with a judgement by the gods to weigh the deed and sins they committed on earth" I have committed no evil upon men". The teachings of the texts were used to guide and instruct the people and rulers on how to live one's life on earth, before going to the

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