Comparing Donatello And Michelangelo's Statue Of David

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Today, I will be talking about three different influential pieces of art and how they changed in style, scope and the audience they were presented. The major work is of the famous Statue of David created first by Donatello during the early Renaissance period. Michelangelo recreates it again in the High renaissance at the height of art and sculpture. Lastly created once more by Bernini in the Italian Baroque. They all share their interpretation of David as he is about to come against his greatest foe, Goliath armed with only a slingshot and his wits with him. Donatello first introduced David to the world in the early Renaissance. the first free standing sculpture in the last thousand years. It’s also anatomically correct and can be viewed…show more content…
However Donatello’s statue is made from bronze and Michelangelo’s is made from marble. His take on david is also very different. He shows david in a calm and serenade state of mind. Even though he is about to go against his enemy, he doesn't look the least bothered. He was also trying to stress the two universal ideals of that time which conveys humans as, rational, supreme, and confidence something that he believed everyone should strive for. The other was his physique showing man in his perfect shape. This differs from Donatello’s showing his david in a more feminine light. Besides the fact that this david is eighteen feet tall, he also has a larger right hand said to be a kind of gorilla hand. This was to accommodate the location of where this statue was supposed to be…show more content…
It completely differs in scope and detached from the other two versions. It shows David in full action and focus in mid swing about to cast the sling-shot at his foe. It like the other two statues is also meant to be viewed from all angles and is also a free standing sculpture. It is also made from marble like Michelangelo’s david, but is at a normal height as opposed to his eighteen foot counterpart. This is also the only of the three statues that shows david in action and focus to such an extent to where people where almost afraid to stand in front of the sculpture in fear that it may come alive and literally cast the stone at them. Bernini’s david is also the only one that shows him wearing any sort of clothing since its said that when he fought goliath, he did it naked. He is seen wearing a toga or some piece of cloth that is wrapped around his

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