Comparing Beowulf In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a medieval romance while Beowulf is epic poetry; Beowulf along with Sir Gawain fight different kinds of enemies through out their stories. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight’s good combination of medieval romance, chivalry and heroics includes a Green Knight riding horseback into King Arthurs court, interrupting a New Years feast and advertising a challenge to all of King Arthurs men. Beowulf on the other hand is a hero who saves the Danes from a monster who before then never seemed to be taken down, only to later also fight dragons. While Beowulf is up against actual monsters, Sir Gawain is only up against a game. The Knights and ladies have all gathered around at King Arthur’s court to celebrate the holidays…show more content…
Sir Gawain then leaves King Arthur's court in search of the Green Chapel. As he rides through all of the enchanted lands he encounters and battles some monsters, and has to withstand the extremely cold weather and snow. As it gets nearer to Christmas, Gawain happens to come upon a huge castle in the middle of an enchanted forest. The lord generously accepts him when he arrived and invited him to stay and spend the holidays there. Sir Gawain gets ready to leave after the Christmas feast, but the lord has other ideas in mind. He is able to persuade him to stay just a bit longer and that he can guide Gawain to the Green Chapel. The lord proposes a game, Gawain can stay inside all day with the lords beautiful wife and relax, while he himself goes out to hunt and at the end of the day when he returns, they exchange whatever they have won. Sir Gawain who loves a good game and challenge agrees. The next day as Gawain sleeps in, the lord leaves to go hunting. The lady of the castle awakens him and talks with him for a bit, and flirts with him. She is able to get Gawain to kiss her before leaving. The lord then returns with his kill from the hunt and he exchanges them for the kiss Gawain had received earlier. This game continues on for a couple days, however on the last day the lady is able to convince Gawain to accept a gift. A green belt, which she says will make him unable to be killed. Gawain realizes this is what he…show more content…
As the Green Knight emerges out with his huge axe he congratulates on Gawain for showing up. The Green Knight goes to swing for the first time but stops when Gawain flinches. He then goes for a second blow but stops again, this time to just see if Gawain was going to flinch again and finally he strikes for a third time. However this time the axe breaks the skin but doesn’t decapitate Gawain. Gawain then yells he has met the terms of the agreement and it is now over, laughing the Green Knight tells Gawain this was all just a big game and that he was the same lord of the castle where he had just spent several nights. The Green Knight forgives him and leaves him with a girdle and scar as a reminder of his sin. Gawain embarrassed and in shock finds out the real reason behind the game and returns back to Arthurs court, telling everyone of his

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