Comparing Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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In both the excerpts about beowulf and unferth and the poem “ The Wife’s Lament” the main theme for these excerpts are betrayal and anger. For instance, beowulf felt betrayed when unferth pointed out his lost with breca and the women felt betrayed when she was left all alone with no one not even the one she loved all because of his family. These can be seen in the line that says for beowulf “ but breca outplayed you he was stronger” (434-435) and in the wife’s poem it says “then i went forth a friendless exile”(9) those are the examples of them getting betrayed; They also get in this anger for beowulf it shows when he starts to talk smack to unferth. For example, beowulf says “ you will suffer damnation. In hell i tell you truly, son of

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