Comparing American Quarter Horse And American Horses

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I am comparing and contrasting two breeds of horses. The American Quarter Horse and the Thoroughbred. These horses are two of the most popular breeds out of 350 which is a big number. They both have a lot of similarities and differences. The American Quarter Horses are a very popular breed. They are well built or stocky. These horses are usually used in the rodeo circuit. It is very rare for a Thoroughbred to be in the the rodeo. The usual height of the Quarter Horse is 14.3 to 15.3 hands tall. The sports the horse usually participate in is pole bending, barrel racing, team penning, team roping, and reining. But these are just a few. The Thoroughbred is also a popular breed. These horses are usually tall, slender, fast and athletic. Unlike the American Quarter Horse these horses are from England. These horses are usually race horses. Even though some Quarter Horses are race horses. That’s how they got the name a quarter of a mile a quarter horse. Thoroughbreds run miles or even longer distances. The average height for the Thoroughbred is 16 hands. Some main events these horse take part of are usually Hunter Ed, racing, and dressage. But…show more content…
The Appendix. They do not consider this to be a actual breed of horses. These horses are usually tall, muscular, athletic, and fast. If you register these animals you have to go under AQHA. A lot of people have turned to this “breed” including my family. These horses are usually well ranked in rodeo circuit because of the speed and muscle they get the job done. If you do register these animals under the AQHA they will be considered a Quarter Horse on paper. So if you race this animal you have to race at the Quarter horse track. Even though you can not bred an appendix with an appendix or an Thoroughbred with an appendix these horse are one the best ones. These horse don’t really have an average height but the shortest one I own is 16.2 hands

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