La Haier Film Themes

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A.La Haine, Comme un aimant, and Au Coeur d’IAM are all considered hip-hop films because they are all based on French culture. La Haine is set in France in the banlieues of Paris. This film contains many themes and places that are indigenous to France. The film, which was made in 1995, is spoken in French and filmed in France. The plot follows three friends from immigrant families who live in the poor multi-ethnic banlieues outside of Paris, in the aftermath of a riot. The main character Vinz, who is Jewish, is full of rage due to the riot and is upset with the police forces. He sees himself as a “gangster” and dreams about gaining respect by becoming a pig killer. Even if there are police forces that are trying to keep Vinz and his friends…show more content…
After the riot ends, Vinz finds a .44 magnum revolver that had been lost and vows that if Abdel dies due to his injuries, that he will use the revolver to kill a cop. When he finds out that Abdel dies shortly after the riot, Vinz fantasizes about going through with vow. The film sequences 19 consecutive hours in which the characters go through their daily routines and try to entertain themselves. In their efforts to find something to do, the three are constantly under police scrutiny, whether they are in the banlieues or in the heart of Paris. The movie progresses and Vinz and his friends Said and Hubert are in Paris and miss the last train back to their banlieue due to the Said and Hubert being abused by plainclothes police officers. They trio stays in the city on a rooftop and go on mocking the police officers and skinheads down below them. Ironically, Said and Hubert run into the same skinheads they were previously mocking and end up being savagely beaten, Vinz, who still has the .44, uses it to break up the fight. All of the skinheads flee except one and Vinz uses this opportunity to have his revenge, but can’t seem to pull the

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