Paul Tillich Ultimate Concern Analysis

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Paul Tillich concept of faith is that it is of ultimate concern and how God is a part of that concern. We can have many concerns, but we can only have one ultimate concern. He also explains our relationship with our ultimate concern, how we live our life, and the mistakes we can make in regards to that ultimate concern. First, the explanation of concerned is necessary and how it compares to the ultimate concern. Being concerned about something is when you hold a strong interest in something or someone. Concern can also be something that is not thought of everyday, but still is of importance to that person. An ultimate concern is not something that gets and occasional thought, rather it is something that is concentrated on and is a pivotal part of one’s life. We have concerns on a daily basis for our family, ways to make a living, and keeping things going for ourselves. We also have an ultimate concern, according to Paul Tillich. He says that an ultimate concern “gives life meaning and affects the whole person, and when one experiences the presence of one’s concern, it is…show more content…
They also believe that church should be a type of safe haven from the rest of the world. Although we do want to feel a togetherness at church and non violence, it does not mean that we do not need to debate the issues. We still need to continue to understand and speak about the truth in God. We all have questions and sometimes doubts. Doubt is what makes us want to learn more and seek the truth for ourselves. The church sometimes will welcome outsiders or non believers, however if they do not learn to adapt to their ways, they may be asked to conform or remove themselves. This should not be the case, there should be room for all types of people in a congregation. You have to have the courage to stand up for what you feel and believe in, if you do it starts to “create a balance” (Morrison,

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