Comparing Act 5 Scene 5 Of William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet:Remake of the Ending [Act V Scene III] Juliet, my dear Juliet. I have ruined my life, it is torn into shambles because I was coaxed into brawling with Tybalt. Well not coaxed because he was insulting me. But I still killed him. Balthazar had already told me about my dear Juliet’s death, how she had been found dead before her wedding. He told me that she was supposed to marry Paris and that the wedding was to take place today. Why would she marry him if she already has married me? Does she not love me? Maybe it is for the best, she should at least be happy now that I am exiled. Even if it is not something that I would like, she deserves the best and he is a wonderful man. “Romeo, art thou alright? Thy looks appears somber and…show more content…
Wilt thou let me explain this situation?” Friar Laurence’s tone was light but you could also hear a sense of urgency ringing in his voice. Paris nodded, irritated but with some respect towards this holy man, and we both followed him into the tomb. As soon as I saw Juliet, lifeless but still bewitchingly beautiful, my heart pounded in my chest, my eyes were fixed on her and only her. There was no Paris or the friar, not even the dead bodies, just my Juliet, beautiful even after death has wrapped her in his midnight black cloak and dragged her soul into the underworld. May Pluto be kind and, when I die, let me be with you. Then I heard a noise come from somewhere inside. I was still looking at Juliet when noticed that she had slowlymoved, just a tiny bit.. Oh my goodness, my lady love lives. She has conquered death and returned to the land of the living. “Oh comfortable friar, I know well where I should be and here I am. Oh, where is my lord? Where is my Romeo?” Her voice was soft and she seemed to be comatose. Her eyes were sleepy as if she had just been asleep and not dead. “Oh my god! How canst one that hath died, return?” Paris was surprised. His hand covered his mouth and his eyes were

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