Comparing A Courtier's Life Written To Mine Own

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For England, the sixteenth century brought about the realizations of power and corruption. The country was drowning in poverty, meanwhile their leader, King Henry VIII was being questioned over his rumored affair. Writer's of this time period pushed pieces that would highlight the growing problems in hopes that word would reach the higher officials causing them to start resolving the rising conflicts. Thomas More's Utopia describes a city in perfect order where everyone is equal while Thomas Wyatt's poem A Courtier's Life Written to Mine Own John Poins compares a mans life within the court and outside of it. Both pieces expose how because the officials value profit over knowledge they are corrupt. In such a time of poverty, More and Wyatt are both dumbfounded by the lack of…show more content…
In Utopia, Hythloday explains that gold and silver are used to make undesirable things which in turn makes gold and silver undesirable. He states in Book I, "Among Utopians virtue has his rewards, yet everything is shared equally, and all men live in plenty" (1.38). In this line he is saying that by having no wealth everyone is equal. Utopians have no need for money. They work six hours a day and in times of leisure they are permitted to go to lectures in order to expand on their knowledge. These ideas point very blatantly that More was unhappy about England's lack of vigor towards gaining knowledge. Wyatt portrays similar views in his piece to John Poins. He writes, "...[the] case that I could never yet/ Hang on their sleeves that weigh as though mayst see/ A chip of chance more than a proud of wit" (Wyatt, 77-79). In

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