Comparing A Christmas Carol And Pixar's Up

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In the classic novel “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens and Disney Pixar’s 2009 animated movie “UP,” the two main characters are forced into re-evaluating their lives when they are thrown into an exhilarating adventure. Carl Fredricksen, from Disney’s “UP,” is determined to fulfil his promise to his late wife, Ellie, by bringing their lifelong home to see the magnificent Paradise Falls in South America. He ties hundreds of balloons to the top of his house and sets sail. It’s not long into his journey before he realizes that Wilderness Explorer Russell is also aboard his flying house on his porch. The two work together to get Mr. Fredricksen’s house to Paradise Falls and face anything that comes their way once they get there. In the age-old…show more content…
Scrooge, towards the end, is willing to soak up every last detail about the scene the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is showing him. He wants to better himself so he will not end up the dead, old man the ghost presented him with. The old man has no one to come to his funeral and the main concern about the people discussing his passing is where his abundance of wealth will go. Scrooge wants to avoid becoming like that man. For Carl, he is driven to save Kevin and Russell from the vile Charles Muntz. He was to give up his house and what small part of his wife he has left in order to do that. The reason he was able to finish his quest and get back Russell was because as he was turning through the pages of the scrapbook he and Ellie were supposed to fill in once they arrived at Paradise Falls, expecting to find it blank because they has never made it there together. Instead of blank pages, the book is filled with old pictures and relics from their past. Carl is also surprised to find a note written from Ellie telling him to keep going once she is gone. It was this moment where Carl’s impatience with everyone went away. Scrooge and Carl were very eager to earn back the people in their lives they had pushed away.

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